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This is the main screen you'll see when you launch NRG Ship Connect.

Shipping Software Shipping Screen

1) Buttons will appear based on the carriers you have activated.
2) You can manage your entire admin panel including defaults, locations and scales by clicking preferences.
3) Detailed ship reports and transaction logs can be viewed and printed by clicking Shipping Reports.
4) Use the built-in address book to create shipments from any stored address record.


The Parcel List details new, shipped and voided shipments.

Parcel List

1) Filter shipments based on Company, Invoice, Ship/Order Date, Status or Carrier.
2) Once orders have been filtered, you have the option to Batch Ship, Void or Delete.
3) Click any record for greater parcel detail or Omit, Ship and Void shipments with one click.


Create your shipment, choose your service, rate, ship and track.

Parcel Detail

1) Enter shipment addresses manually or click the magnifying glass to choose from the Address Book.
2) Choose from your available carriers and various service options and set additional options under Shipment Information.
3) Include your package data, add reference information and choose your payment method.
4) Get your rates and choose from various service options. Published & Discounted rates will be shown.


View detailed rates and transit times by clicking the Rates tab. Published and Discounted rates will be visible.


1) Sort rates by carrier. View published and discounted rates.
2) Select alternative service types based on your transit time needs and pricing.


Build your packing list from the Packing List tab. Choose from various packing list items stored in the Item List, which you setup in Preferences. Packing Lists can be printed as Standard with a laser printer or on Thermal labels. You can also create Integrated Packing Lists to include shipping labels.

Packing List


Set up preferences for various workstations in the Preferences menu, including Location, Printer Settings, Pack Lists and Scale settings.



Manage various shipping locations through the Shipping Locations Preferences menu. Add multiple user accounts and carrier information for each of your activated solutions.

Shipping Locations


Manage your item details for Packing Lists and International Forms under Items Preferences.

Packing List Items