NRG Ship Connect Pricing

Ship Connect files are sold for a one-time fee based on carriers activated and single, 2 user or multi-user requirement.

MultiCarrier Shipping

Support Outline for Ship Connect Files

The service subscription includes technical support & software updates for carrier compliance> It does not include the cost for NRG to upgrade your files.

Technical Support

  • Tech Support covers answering questions pertaining to existing software feature sets, general troubleshooting and resolution of error codes
  • Tech Support is available between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST and allows for unlimited phone and email questions
  • NRG responds to support calls placed (262-432-0934) and support email ( within 4 business day hours

Uprgrading Your Files

  • NRG does add new features to our core set of Ship Connect files on a periodic basis and keeps you informed of availability in our release notes
  • When you want to uprgrade your files, NRG will provide you an estimate to perform the upgrade

Customizing Your Files

  • NRG will provide custom development to the Ship Connect file for features that are specific to your needs
  • NRG will provide an estimate for the both the development time for the feature and the implementation time to your file
  • Your files are unlocked and you can make customizations on your own if you'd like.

Core Feature Requests

  • NRG is open for suggestions on "core" features that we add to our Ship Connect file
  • NRG prioritizes core feature requests based on demand - and is solely responsible for determining what becomes a core feature
  • NRG can provide you with an estimated time frame of development and availability of core features