FileMaker Shipping

Ship, Rate & Track right from FileMaker

Carrier-Certified Single and Multi-Carrier Shipping software built in FileMaker for UPS, FedEx, USPS and LTL Freight. Automate shipping. Integrate rating to customer service at the time of order. Provide visiblity to shipment status across your entire FileMaker system. Save time, money and reduce shipping errors.

Every Wednesday afternoon at 1PM CST we do a collaborative session to review how easy it is to integrate your backend systems with NRGship to validate address, rate shipments, create labels, and track delivery status.
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Multi Carrier Solution:

NRG Ship Connect

  • Parcel: UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL,
    EasyPost and More
  • LTL: XPO, Estes, Freightquote, FedEx,
    YRC, Custom BOL option
  • Regional: GLS, OnTrack, Spee-Dee
  • Other: Driver Delivery Module,
    Certified Mail, NetStamps
  • Multiplex Label Support
  • Muliple Location Support
  • Rate Comparison
  • Built in Rate Markups
    and Advanced Batch Rating
  • Built 100% in FileMaker

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Single Carrier Solutions:

UPS for FileMaker Pro

  • UPS® Parcel Shipping
  • Validate, Rate, Ship & Track
  • Batch Processing
  • International Shipping
  • All UPS Returns® Services
  • Simple Rate
  • Contract services
    like UPS SurePost® and UPS Mail Innovations®
  • Like UPS WorldShip®, but
    built 100% in FileMaker
  • Integration documentation
    and sample files included

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FedEx for FileMaker Pro

  • FedEx Parcel Shipping
  • Validate, Rate, Ship & Track
  • Batch Processing
  • International Shipping
  • FedEx Return Services
  • Contract services like SmartPost
  • Built 100% in FileMaker
  • Integration documentation
    and sample files included

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USPS for FileMaker Pro

  • USPS Postage Labels
  • Shipping, Rating, Tracking
  • Batch Processing
  • International Shipping
  • Powered by Endicia
    Internet Postage
  • Manage Postage Purchasing in FileMaker
  • Void and Submit Postage Returns
  • Built 100% in FileMaker

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Benefits of Integrated Shipping

NRG customers report an immediate return on their investment. Automating the shipping process saves time & money, reduces errors and provides instant visibility of shipping information in your FileMaker system. Integrate rating, shipping and tracking to take advantage of all of these benefits.

NRG Shipping Solutions

  • A Single multi-carrier shipping solution
  • Customize integration to your workflow
  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Built in FileMaker

NRG Shipping Solutions

  • Eliminate all manual data entry
  • Validate addresses prior to shipping
  • Automated ship results with no errors

NRG Shipping Solutions

  • Provide accurate shipping costs with quotes
  • Automate email notifications on shipments
  • Immediate visibility to status in FileMaker

NRG Shipping Solutions

  • No re-keying ship details from orders
  • Shipments in a click, lookup or a scan
  • Share ship results immediately

NRG Shipping Solutions

  • Ensure correct services & rates are used
  • Reduce shipping labor costs
  • Accurate freight charges & timely billing

Video Demo

This video shows an NRG UPS integration with a typical FileMaker order management system. It includes rating, shipping and tracking.

FileMaker Integration

FileMaker Integration

NRG provides integration development and consulting services. You can hire us to advise you - or have us do the integration for you. If you are integrating yourself, we provide documentation and sample files with each solution.

In many cases, our customers discover that they can improve the workflow in their own systems at the same time they integrate with NRG. Regardless of who does your integration, you'll want to consider these questions in the planning stage:

  • How do you rate, ship and track today? Will you need to integrate all three services?
  • How many users will be involved in shipping, rating or tracking through the system?
  • If shipping multi-carrier, is NRG Ship Connect the right solution?
  • Do you need or have Pack Out from inventory? What about multi-package shipments? Do you ever gang multiple orders to one shipment?
  • How much international shipping do you do? Is it worth it to integrate customs information from your system?
  • Do you need to provide returns management? If so, what carrier services?
  • Do you want to validate addresses before the shipment is created? or within NRG?
  • How will you need to provide tracking status, results and shipping costs in your system?
  • What's missing in your solution that will need to be added just to integrate shipping properly?
  • How will you evaluate the ROI to integrate NRG solutions?

Requirements & Developer Info

Here's what you need to know:

FileMaker Software Partners

Several FileMaker based business solutions include integration with NRGship products. To learn more, contact the companies directly by clicking on the logos below. Software developers interested in offering integrated shipping as a service, Contact NRG for details on our partnership program.

Kibiz Systems

Ace Business Suite

Apparel Magic



JobPro Business Software

NRG Software & FileMaker Developer Community

NRG is active in the Filemaker Developer Community and a member of the Claris Partner program. Be sure to visit us at the FileMaker Developer's conference, where we exhibit annually.

Interested in having NRG present to your local FileMaker Developer group? Contact Us

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